Blow out build costs

It’s no secret that building projects come with high price tags. Whether you choose to renovate, extend or build a new home or Granny Flat you will be committing to a large financial outlay. To avoid making costly mistakes it is vital that you do your research before committing to a builder. You must also take the time to properly engage int he planning process and have your builder explain anything you are unsure of. There is a detailed article on outlining areas that cause budget blow outs for renovators, I’ll go into the top 3 that resonate with Hallmark Developments WA.

The Knock on Effect
When once decision creates a series of changes. Such as choosing to raise a shower head, this would require extra rows of tiling as well as more plumbing before the shower head could be raised. Moving a light fitting to make it central to the room which leaves holes in the ceiling requiring patching, sanding and painting, not an expensive job in itself however if the entire ceiling needs repainting for it to blend in properly, you have instantly upped your budget.

Not making realistic allowances
This point hits home with Hallmark Developments. We understand that clients like to shop around and compare quotes, but too often clients simply compare dollar figures. At Hallmark Developments we believe we price our jobs competitively whilst offering quality inclusions and fittings. We have had clients call and tell us they opt to go with another builder as there quote was tens of thousands of dollars less than Hallmark Developments quote. However when we have compared they have failed to include steps essential to the building project and will need to invoice the cost to the client once they have started the project. On other occasions some builders have quoted less as they are using poor quality materials and finishings. Our Director and Registered Builder Mark Gethin has over 25 years experience in the building industry and is extremely thorough when it comes to quoting. He thinks the project through from start to finish and offers a comprehensive quote and price and is always clear about what is and isn’t included. An added bonus of choosing a bespoke builder such as Hallmark Developments WA, we offer you the flexibility to make your own selections and bypass us all together, giving you total control over the items you choose and their cost.

Surprise surprise…
This is one of those unfortunate side effects of a renovation project,  issues present that just could not have been foreseen. Such as discovering asbestos, finding faults in the existing build that need remedying and structural upgrades. These things happen and need to be dealt with before moving on in the building process, however it will often take time and money to rectify. Be aware of this and perhaps set a small portion of your building budget aside as a safety net for any unforeseen circumstances.


If you choose an experienced and reputable builder you should have a clear idea of the inclusions and allowances from the get go. You should feel comfortable to ask for clarification on details you do not understand and you should feel confident that your builder will competently guide you through any unforeseen issues with a cost effective and practical solution.
Hallmark Developments WA  can handle everything, from the drawing of the plans, to the acquisition of permits, the building project and the finishings, call us today to discuss how we can help you create your dream home: 9408 6399.


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