Reduce Energy Costs & Environmental Impact with an Energy Efficient Home from Hallmark

A Hallmark Developments energy efficient home is generally more comfortable, easier to maintain and is cost effective to build and run.

Green Design & Efficiency to suit Perth, WA

Did you know that a 6 star home will use approximately 20 to 25% less energy to heat and cool when compared to a similar sized 5 star home? In order to design and build energy efficient ‘greener’ homes in Perth, Western Australia, Hallmark Developments are conversant with Australian government regulations and the latest in sustainable building products and techniques.
Our team incorporate common sense design principles to maximise building efficiency to suit your Perth home, without compromising your comfort. Our aim is reduce household greenhouse gas emissions, by lessening reliance on expensive heating and cooling devices, which in turn, translates to lower household running costs and energy bills.

Hallmark Energy Efficient Building Design Considers:

  • Well-designed home layout & zoning
  • Appropriate home orientation & siting
  • Clever home ventilation and draught proofing
  • Optimum use of windows, shading & landscaping
  • Home insulation (to walls and ceilings)
  • Use of thermal mass to help reduce extremes in your home temperature
  • Use of energy efficient appliances and lighting (with star ratings in mind)
  • Use of solar technology (solar panels, lighting and water heating devices)
  • Water storage/ recycling

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