WA faces housing shortage – Granny Flats the answer?

WA is currently facing a shortage of housing options for the older population. Property Council WA Chief Joe Lenzo has stated “it is simply not financially viable for the industry to provide the type of affordable housing that older people need”. Developers are having difficulty finding suitable and affordable sites, and when they do people in the community are adverse to having retirement villages in their area. This poses a real problem to the community as according to the Retirement Living Council by 2050 1 in 5 Australians will be over the age of 65, that is an increase of 166 percent.

The good news? Retirement villages are not the only affordable housing option currently available in Perth. We believe Granny Flats are a fantastic housing solution for many different situations. Are you ready to downsize? Are your adult children struggling to get into the WA housing market? A great solution is to develop a property with the inclusion of a Granny Flat. This can be a stand alone building or an extension of the main home, it will be a completely self contained micro home. You can move into the Granny Flat and feel safe and secure knowing your family is in the main house but still be self sufficient and keep your privacy. It also provides the opportunity for you and your family to share mortgage and living costs.

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