Granny Flat – Connolly

Our client in Connolly was looking to build a good quality Granny Flat that..

Our client in Connolly was looking to build a good quality Granny Flat that could generate a second income by being leased with Air B&B. With stiff competition in the area, with several other properties listed on Air B&B, our client really wanted her space to stand out.
The area to the side of the carport was to be utilized for the Granny Flat, the area was a large bank, approx. 1200mm high running the length of the block with a mature garden bed planted in. Removing the bank would compromise the neighbouring house and garden as their property sits 1200mm higher. Digging the bank right out to the boundary would run the risk of the neighbouring property giving way and sliding into the excavated area. To combat this, we used a grout injection system along the boundary to stabilise the ground.
The granny flat consists of 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a large kitchen and living area, as well as an alfresco area. A cabinetry storage system was installed along one wall to allow for extra storage for bedding, etc, required for leasing the property as a holiday home.
The end result was a very high-end micro home.

A word from our clients…
Hallmark Developments built our granny flat following a rave review from friends of ours. They certainly didn’t disappoint, producing a high-quality build at a reasonable and fair price. Mark is a highly ethical person who takes great pride in his work, and he and his team were easy and pleasant to work with. Lots of our neighbours have said how beautifully the granny flat blends in with the main house and looks like it has always been there. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hallmark Developments!