Possible uses for a Granny Flat?

Granny FlatGranny flats are becoming more and more prevalent and according to realtors and builders reports they feature as a good selling point. In addition to providing living space these flats offer multiple other advantages including greater security, especially when the granny flat is oriented toward the back of the lot or the side of the lot. They can also provide another party to share in amenities, transportation, lawn care, maintenance tasks, or childcare.

Not just for Granny!

Granny flats are no longer just for granny. Today a granny flat can be rented to anyone, even non-family members.

Numerous granny flat uses…

What are the possible granny flat uses? Granny flats can be rented out as an office to someone who needs a small office space with low rents and full connectivity, or perhaps you have a home business but dislike having the office inside of your home. The nice thing about granny flats is that they have all services connected to them and can be standalone structures or can be integrated into the main home if you wish. If you have a granny flat on your property or you build a granny flat on your property which contains a kitchen, living room, single bedroom, and bathroom, that might be the perfect office space for a single entrepreneur who needs one private office, one entryway, one office bathroom, and one office kitchen. Another option is for a teenage retreat. Not everyone is able to afford moving out once they reach young adulthood, especially with rent prices increasing in metropolitan areas and land space decreasing. If you have teenagers in the home who are ready to move out and be independent, but are unable to leave the nest just yet, you can use a granny flat as a teenage retreat. If you have teenagers in your home you can use this space as a small rental for them so that they can enjoy their independence but still be close to home. Another option is to use it as a rental property. You can begin investing immediately in a granny flat and see 15% on average of your building costs returned in the rent alone.

What is a granny flat? – Simply a micro home

So what is a granny flat exactly? A granny flat is really a small micro home which is a standalone structure that contains full services, is fully insulated, and features 1 to 2 bedrooms, living room, a bathroom/laundry room, and a kitchen. The term granny flat is used because historically this small self-contained living area was intended for family to accommodate their aging parents. But some people used the living areas for younger adult members of their family or for nannies.

Granny flat legislation has recently changed to create a way of allowing more affordable accommodation opportunities – particularly for singles, couples, and the elderly. This is taking place in areas that are metropolitan in nature and have limited land. Now granny flats are an ideal solution for families who have young adults that are unable to afford the cost of moving out of home just yet but still want extra space from their parents and independence. Not only can they now rent granny flats but this gives them future Rental opportunities.

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