Perth Granny Flats

Perth granny flats are perfect for otherwise unused space because they are able to function as standalone structures which have all services connected to them. You can build a brick and tile granny flat with Hallmark Developments WA which includes one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, living space, and bathroom from $100,000.

New laws allowing Perth granny flats

New laws now allow Perth granny flats on your property to be rented out to non-family members. This means that you can actually rent out your home in a much smarter fashion. You no longer have to simply subdivide your property in order to bring in additional income. This means that you can maximize the potential of the yard space you have in order to increase the return on your investment. You can expand your home with a granny flat and enjoy a cost-effective and versatile addition to your residential area. These flats are self-contained units that typically have one or two bedrooms as well as a kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, and living area. They are brick and tile construction or timber by request and are finished to high quality specifications. They are not lightweight transportable units but instead they are solid homes built with brick and add sincere value to your property which lasts a lifetime.

Add a second dwelling without costly subdivision

Now you can add a second dwelling without going through the process and paperwork of a costly subdivision. Perth granny flats can make the best of otherwise unusable or unique spaces on your property. If you have a uniquely shaped property you can work with a professional company to craft a unique granny flat that best fits that property and makes use of all available space. This is particularly beneficial in cultivating a design blends seamlessly into your existing home.

Another benefit to the second dwelling is that the feature itself is a standalone structure with all services connected to it. . The construction process itself takes no more than 10 to 12 weeks from you sign up to the moment the flat is finished and ready for renting. This means after a few short months you can begin to earn an income from the once unused space in your yard.

Attractive modern designs available including two stories and carports

If you are constructing the granny flat in order to rent out and earn additional income the self-containment of the unit and the 60 to 70 m² size makes it perfect for a variety of uses including renting it out as a home, or an office space or using it as a teenagers or parents retreat. Attractive modern designs today now include two-story buildings, ideal for small living structure or even an office for those preferring an entry space and the workspace above. New designs also include carports making it ideal when renting out to someone with a vehicle.

Head to our Granny Flats website to see some of our Perth Granny Flats designs.