Granny Flats Perth

Granny Flats PerthMultigenerational housing has become more and more accepted among the masses and granny flats are now becoming more prevalent. In addition to providing living space granny flats provide other advantages. There’s greater security for homeowners when there is another tenant living on the property particularly if the apartment is oriented toward the back part of the lot or the side of the lot. Tenants can sometimes share the amenities of the main house and share in transportation. In other instances tenants can share lawn care, maintenance tasks, or even share childcare.

Recent changes in the laws now indicate that you can build a granny flat on your property to rent out to non-family members. You no longer have to subdivide your property to do this. This means granny flats are no longer strictly for retired aging parents. Whether you want to maximize the potential of your yard space, you want to accommodate a growing family, or you want to increase returns on your investments, a granny flat is a versatile and a cost-effective way to expand. Granny flats are self-contained units that traditionally have one or two bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and a bathroom/laundry room. Many granny flats are installed on site and are finished to high-quality specifications. It is important to note that granny flats do not need to be lightweight transportable units. They are not glorified sheds that provide poor insulation and do little to enhance the value of your property. Instead they can be solidly built double brick micro homes that will add value to your property and last a lifetime.

Granny Flats Perth – Earn Extra income with a granny flat

Today granny flats can provide extra income. New changes in legislation, particularly in metropolitan areas where land is limited are now allowing granny flats to be rented out to non-family members. This can provide a great opportunity for an incredible investment.

Granny Flats Perth – Easy approval process

By using Hallmark, there is an easy approval process. When you work with a professional building company they will take care of everything including the planning and the permits that you need. Many people who attempt to construct additional properties or buildings on their property tend to give up in frustration when they are faced with the deep and dark waters of permits and legislation. But when you work with a building company for your granny flat, this is no longer an issue. You can relax while Hallmark Developments takes care of the hard work on your behalf.

Granny Flats Perth – Quick building timeframe

The best part about working with an experienced building professional is that there is a quick building timeframe. When you decide you want to build a Granny Flat on your property and you sign up with Hallmark Developments, it takes between 10 and 12 weeks to complete the build. This means that not only will you have a complete granny flat within a matter of months but you can begin renting it out immediately and start seeing your investment payoff.

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