Granny Flat Designs, does size matter?

Granny Flat DesignsGranny flats are self-contained micro homes designed to accommodate individuals, couples or even families. Granny flats are typically located on the property of a single-family home and are named as such because they were historically a way to accommodate aging parents. These living units can be detached or they can be attached to an existing dwelling. But no they are no longer just for aging parents.

How big should a granny flat be?

Many people who are looking at granny flat designs today want to know how big their granny flat should be. Many granny flats contain one or two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom/laundry room. The purpose is intended to allow a single person, a couple, or small family to live comfortably. Many of them range between 60 and 70 m². The home does not have to be large in size in order for you to rent it out. So it is best to speak with a professional builder to determine how large a granny flat should be based on local statutes and permit regulations, as well as the amount of property space you have available.

Trends in granny flat designs: feature or blend in?

Many people who are looking into the installation and building of a granny flat want to know what design trends are possible today. Many people question whether the granny flat they install should be a feature piece, one which draws the eye or whether it should blending seamlessly to the outside world. The choice is really up to you. If you work with a professional building company they can provide you with granny flat designs that blend in seamlessly to the existing structures and nature on your property. They can also give you granny flat designs which are a feature piece, something that stands out against the backdrop. If you want the granny flat to stand alone and not be attached to any existing properties, it might be best to have it be a feature design. But if you want your granny flat to blend in as an attached piece that is easily achieved.

When you hire professional builders you want someone who will take care of the project from beginning to end, from design to construction. You do not want someone who will simply drop off a kit home or transportable building onto your property. You want someone who will create a custom design and will build the home from bottom to top in your backyard. All of the homes that you decide to integrate into your property should be fully insulated, with all services connected, and they should be built upon a solid concrete slab. You want a company that will handle all of the worries for you so the only thing you have to do is move in.

How clever design can make the best use of small spaces

Granny flat designs are particularly unique today in that professional building companies can offer clever designs to make the best use of small spaces. If you have a small space in your yard that you don’t know what to do with, you can turn it into a profit structure by creating a granny flat.

Take a look at our Granny Flat specific website to look at the different granny flat designs until you find one that best suits your needs.