Granny Flat Boom

The Granny Flat is building a large market

_0118329The Granny Flat boom continues to sweep the country. Data released by the NSW Department of Planning and environment has shown that 4818 Granny Flats were built in 2014, that is almost double the 2867 built in 2013 and triple the 1511 built in 2012.

Double Brick Granny flats can be built in around 3 months, cost under $150,000 and offer an impressive rental return of approximately 15%. Not only are Granny Flats a great investment they can also be used as a first home for a family member struggling to afford a deposit. They can of course still be used as a traditional Granny Flat and be built for an aging family member, you could even use it as an investment until you are ready to move into it yourself upon retirement.

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