DIY or DI don’t? Perth Builders

Home extensions perthI’m sure most of us have considered renovating a property at one time or another. Whether it be some minor changes to the family home, a complete overhaul or a renovation on an investment property to increase profit.
The primary motivator to Do It Yourself when it comes to a renovation is to save money. Of course some people choose DIY for other reasons such as being in control of the project, remaining hands on and overseeing the entire renovation.

Doing it yourself can save you a lot or a little money or actually cost you more. Many Perth builders, such as Hallmark Developments have special relationships with trades that often provide them exclusively with discounted labour costs. They also have bulk buying power, meaning they are able to negotiate the best price from suppliers. Some builders will pass these savings along to you, reducing your overall build cost.

When taking on a DIY project it is very easy to make mistakes or miss critical issues which end up costing you a lot of time and money to correct. Perth builders Hallmark Developments have been in the building industry for over 20 years and have the experience needed to prevent such costly errors from the outset.

Planning your DIY renovation project can take almost as much time as the actual construction. Planning, permits, approvals, design, sourcing reliable trades, quality materials and dealing with any unexpected issues. Perth Builders Hallmark Developments take care of all the planning and approvals, can source goods or recommend suppliers to you. Having professionals work on your project means they are able to resolve any issues promptly, with minimal down time and cost to you.

It is important to thoroughly plan and research your renovation project before deciding if you will take it on as a DIY. And make sure you keep a margin for error when it comes to estimating the cost and timeframe of the project.
The couple in this story budgeted one year to complete the entire project and after two years have only finished the top floor.

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