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Custom Builders Perth

There are many companies to choose from when searching for custom builders Perth. Using Hallmark Developments WA is one of the best decisions you can make when you decide to build or renovate on your property.

Full drafting services available

Hallmark Developments have full drafting services available which means that you can work with the professional to review all of the custom designs and potential outlines for your building project. You do not have to worry about talking to the local city council, filing paperwork or handling any permits. Our professional staff will take care of everything for you in an expedited fashion.

Custom plans to suit your needs

Hallmark Developments can also create custom plans to suit your needs. You do not have to go with a cookie-cutter design. You are not limited by having to rely upon a template. Instead you can work with a professional who will go out of their way to take your property size and style into consideration when they draw up unique specifications and blueprints to your liking. They will not take over the design process, instead they will work with you to come up with your dream design and then Hallmark Developments will turn that dream into a reality.

Direct contact with project manager

When you work with Hallmark Developments as your custom builders Perth, you also get direct contact with the project manager. For many people it is a stressful and lengthy process undertaking a building project and with most custom builders Perth you very rarely get to work directly with a project manager and more often than not communication is limited. When you choose Hallmark Developments as your Custom Builders Perth you will work directly with the project manager who will be there to answer any questions that you may have and guide you through each step of your project.

When you hire a professional builder to help in your building project design, you want to make sure you select a leading builder who will provide you with premium quality and affordability. You want a completed product that is to the highest standard and is constructed using the best materials, such as double brick. You want someone who is a leader in construction and design for quality dwellings.

Granny Flats

Legislation regarding granny flats has recently eased and as a result you can now rent them out to non-family members. If you have an extended family containing singles or couples who are not quite ready to move out of the home but still want some distance, a granny flat might be the perfect solution. And now you can contact professional builders to help you with the custom design. You want someone who will invest in premium materials for your construction and will take care to blend the structure seamlessly into your backyard.

Access presents no problem given all of the materials are carried by hand by the builders into your yard. Even if all you have is a simple gate for access, professional builders will be able to transport everything by hand to the back or side part of your property and begin construction on the granny flat immediately. There are custom designs available from professionals as well as traditional standard designs. You can find a range of designs by viewing the gallery pages and by contacting Hallmark directly.