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Perth Granny Flats

The Perth Granny Flats market is still booming, searches for Granny Flats have increased by 86% in the last quarter alone. Granny Flats offer an affordable housing option for many people struggling to break into the market. On the flip side, they are a great investment opportunity for those looking to utilise their property for […]

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Granny Flat

Granny flats for kids

It’s no secret that housing affordability has become a huge issue in Australia. If we look back over the past 40 years we can see a huge shift in the average house price compared to the average salary. According to McCrindle Research in 1975 the median Australian wage was $7618, making housing somewhat affordable in Perth […]

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Granny Flats Perth still booming

The Granny Flats Perth market is continuing to surge, with homeowners taking full advantage of their extra backyard space. Granny Flats are being built to accommodate young adults struggling to break into the housing market. They are being used as home offices or recreation spaces for families. They are of course still living up to […]

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Blow out build costs

It’s no secret that building projects come with high price tags. Whether you choose to renovate, extend or build a new home or Granny Flat you will be committing to a large financial outlay. To avoid making costly mistakes it is vital that you do your research before committing to a builder. You must also […]

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Renovations in Perth

Renovations in Perth aren’t always about extreme home makeovers, completely gutting and changing the entire home. There are a few clever little changes you can make to update and modernise your home that’s just in need of a little TLC. By respraying a tiled roof or replacing with a new colorbond roof you can give […]

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alfresco perth

Popular Perth Home Features

What would you consider the most essential feature when looking to buy a Perth home? We all know that modern kitchens and bathrooms attract buyers, but what other features are home buyers seeking? According to this recent survey by the heat is affecting home buyers priorities, with 65% considering air conditioning to be the most important feature. Following […]

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Complete Home Makeover – Marmion Extension

NEW HOME OR EXTENSION? Renovating can be a more timely and cost effective option than building a new home, so how do you decide? Consider the cost: The more structural changes you need to make to your property the bigger the cost. If you can modify your home, leaving the roof structure and existing layout […]

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